Instagram – A Favorite Tool Among Top Firms


Instagram is accomplishing feats among users and companies but many small businesses do not know how to use this charmer for their benefit. If you can not use Instagram well to enhance your business, you should watch and follow other flourishing businesses making good use of this one giant of a tool. You would want to read TrackMaven’s latest research on Instagram fittingly describing these kinds of insights. A very beguiling fact from the study is that only 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using Instagram, out of which the top companies use it more frequently than the companies at the bottom of the list. If you require professional marketing services which can boost seo we recommend SEO Agency Liverpool.


Furthermore, the Fortune 500 Instagram Report reveals facts and figures and patterns of how Fortune 500 companies have been using Instagram. These include times at and days on which they used Instagram for uploading more frequently, plus the filters which are more common.


For instance, the Fortune 500 companies typically post most of their stuff on every Friday and Thursday, though their accounts are the busiest on Sundays, on which those companies post the least material out of the whole week. Probably such busy level is caused by a commuting of competitors uploading and disturbing users’ feeds.


Another salient and important feature of the success of Instagram posts is time of the day. 12 pm Eastern Standard Time is the most popular time of day when Fortune 500 companies upload their content. The research has however demonstrated that posts shared between 10 pm and 3 am Eastern Standard Time received the highest user response. This also seems likely to be due to abatement of posts from competitors during that time. It is also overwhelmingly worth observing that users check their Instagram app more frequently when they are resting. Therefore, businesses which think of social media as a job in which they should be active from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday might be losing a lot of benefit of Instagram.


Some of other cool facts mentioned in the study are that posts with a question mark or hashtag sign in the comments received a higher response, whereas the ones with exclamation points were less engaged. Mayfair or Hefe were the most commonly – used filters by these companies though a puissant majority of Fortune 500 companies’ posts on Instagram is without a filter.
To sum up, Instagram is a very potent marketing app when used correctly. The findings demonstrated that even some of the Fortune 500 companies are not able to use Instagram sagaciously for maximum consumer response. But if you are able to think about what kinds of posts your target clients would engage in more, you can very well forge a powerful Instagram strategy which would make your small business thrive like never before. You might end up in the ranks of the richer firms, or who knows go beyond and be one of the best in the market along with making a huge fortune for yourself through Instagram. You can be as popular and as rich as apple or google or Facebook. Use Instagram well !