A Couple Ways To Find A Reputable Japanese Knotweed Specialist

Japanese knotweed specialist

If you have noticed plants growing in your yard that resemble bamboo, these might actually be Japanese knotweed. This is a type of weed that originated from East Asia, from countries like Korea and Japan. It was initially brought over because of how beautiful it looked, yet they did not know how voracious this weed could be. It has become a very difficult problem to deal with in the United Kingdom, and that is why there are specialists that can get rid of the Japanese knotweed for you. Let’s look at how to identify them, and also how to find it Japanese knotweed specialist that will help you eliminate these weeds from your property soon.

What Does It Look Like?

Most of the plants that you will find will be very small. They will have broad oval leaves, and they will produce beautiful flowers that are cream colored or white. They tend to bloom during late summer and early fall, but they can grow to incredible heights. It is possible for some of them to reach a height of 13 feet, and once they do, they will begin to spread very quickly. That’s why eliminating them as soon as you can is the key to preventing the spread of the Japanese knotweed plant.

Where To Find A Japanese Knotweed Specialists?

This is a specialist that will understand what will eliminate these weeds from your property. They will use special herbicides and procedures to do so. Many companies have a track record for eliminating them for good, whereas others will need to come out a couple different times. As long as they guarantee their results, these are the ones you should use. You will want to get quotes from several different companies. If they have websites, you can see any testimonials that are posted, as well as read about what they will be able to do once they arrive.

Will It Take Long To Eliminate All Of Them?

It shouldn’t take more than a couple of treatments to effectively eradicate these weeds. Even though the root system includes a series of rhizomes running underneath the ground, these chemicals will eliminate these plants. In the span of a few weeks, you should see that they are all dead or dying, and they will likely not come back. If they do, you can make a call to the same Japanese knotweed specialist to take care of any rogue shoots that decided to grow.

This is a perennial plant, one that is extremely difficult to terminate, even with the best herbicides in some cases. That’s why you need to use a Japanese knotweed specialist that will help you get this done. Whether you have had these for just a few months, or if they have spread throughout your property over the years, you should have no problem eliminating all of them. Find out more about these companies that can provide you with this service to help you eradicate one of the most invasive weeds that grows today.